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Environment & Climate Change

Reducing our Emissions

Setting our Interim Emissions Reduction Targets

We are working to transform our business to achieve our ambition of net-zero emissions by 2050. This ambition relates to scope one and two emissions. Scope one emissions occur as a direct result of our activities, while scope two emissions relate to indirect emissions associated with the energy we use to power our operations.

As part of this work we are now developing our emissions reduction plan and targets, informed by our Group’s net-zero ambition as well as government policy, legislation and regulation.

Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Jemena's electric powered cherry picker truck is part of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the Jemena Electricity Network in Melbourne’s North-West.

Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Our Emissions Reduction Roadmap focuses on delivering activity in three key strategic areas. Over the coming year we will:

  • Avoid emissions: we will make business decisions which seek to avoid or minimise our carbon footprint. We will do this by evaluating all available options with consideration being given to the carbon impact and the potential cost to reduce these emissions in the future.

  • Reduce emissions: we will continually evaluate our operations and business practices to identify opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Replace emissions: we will start to address the carbon intensity of our operations over time by assessing the introduction of low-carbon, carbon-neutral, and carbon-free technology across our Group.

In addition to our emissions reduction initiatives, where required we will utilise carbon credits and offsets to achieve our sustainability aims. Our Board approved our Carbon Offset Policy in 2023, which establishes our governance, offset criteria and accountability, should we purchase offsets. While we have established this policy, it is not our preferred approach to decarbonise.

Our 2023 Sustainability Report outlines progress we have made to deliver our Emissions Reduction Roadmap. We will publish further progress updates through our annual Sustainability Report and on this website.