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Parental Leave

The Group's parental leave policy offers support for Group employees before, during and following parental leave. Key features include:

  • Gender neutral parental leave policy to suit all family types offering equitable parental leave for parents.

  • No minimum service eligibility requirement to access Paid Parental Leave / Primary Carers Leave for Permanent employees.

  • Fourteen weeks paid parental leave for the primary carer or 28 weeks at half pay.

  • Two weeks partner leave at the time of birth/adoption/legal guardianship as well as up to five days of personal leave entitlement.

  • Primary carers leave can be taken in the first 24 months following birth/adoption/legal guardianship.

  • Employer superannuation contributions continue during unpaid components of Parental leave.  Maximum benefit is twelve months - including all leave taken during Parental leave absence.